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About Us

Royal Hair is in Istanbul, Turkey based medical travel company specialized in health tourism sector.

Our clinic provides hair transplantation, plastic surgery and weight loss surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey. The interventions are carried by contracted surgeons at internationally accredited hospitals who are selected carefully and evaluated regularly. Patients from various ethnic backgrounds and from all corners of the world choose Royal Hair to have their desired aesthetical treatments.

Royal Hair’s mission is to provide our patients from all over the world an amazing and special medical journey experience. All this offered with very affordable prices. Our motto we make your dreams come true is the basis of our works.

Royal Hair cares for its patients, offering them the best alternatives and solutions. The surgeons are chosen carefully and their performance in providing the requested health care to the patients is evaluated after every single surgery. Our patients are not just patients, they are members of our big family. We make sure they are listened to and their feedback is valued. This way, we put their well-being and satisfaction over everything.

Your journey from the very first contact and consultation to the last check-up is followed by professional members of our team. Our possible patients are connected one to one with our staff members by creating a personal relationship and attachment to provide you the best support during any decision-making process and assist you in any insecurity.

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