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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation in Turkey is a cosmetic surgery that is done in order to increase or…

Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique that removes hair follicles from ‘donor area’ to…


Rhinoplasty is an operation that is performed to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the…


Liposuction in Turkey is a surgery that makes possible the fat removal. It usually is carried…

Bariatric Surgery

Bariatric surgery or as it is commonly known Weight Loss Surgery is a surgery performed…


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We are an Istanbul, Turkey based medical travel company specialized in health tourism sector.


Years Of Experience in Medical Services

Our clinic provides hair transplantation, plastic surgery and weight loss surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Our clinic provides hair transplantation, plastic surgery and weight loss surgeries in Istanbul, Turkey. The interventions are carried by contracted surgeons at internationally accredited hospitals who are selected carefully and evaluated regularly. Patients from various ethnic backgrounds and from all corners of the world choose Royal Hair to have their desired aesthetical treatments.

We care for our patients, offering them the best solutions. The surgeons are chosen carefully and their performance in providing the requested health care to the patients is evaluated after every single surgery.


Happy Patients

Since the hair transplant was a very sensitive topic for me and I didn't want it to be carried out in a way that everyone could see, I decided on a hair transplant without shaving. After extensive research, I finally came across Royal Hair and I can warmly recommend this clinic. From the initial consultation to the transplantation and aftercare, everything was perfect and individually tailored to my needs. I always felt that I was in good hands and the choice of hair transplantation without shaving was the right one, since those around me hardly noticed anything about the procedure.


I had my hair implanted at Royal Hair 2 years ago and was enthusiastic from the first second.
The work is painless, professional, hygienic and trustworthy and the result can be seen after just a few months. The wound healing was fantastic and after a week you couldn't see anything. After about 3 months I already experienced the returning density of the hair, and I knew then that it was the right decision.


Super freundlich und vertrauenswürdig. Das Resultat ist besser als versprochen und das schon nach 3 Monaten, da geht noch was...
Professor Armani war sehr ausführlich in der Beratung, das ganze Team ist sehr freundlich und bemüht.
Bin super zufrieden, daher 5 Sterne.


Konnte meinen Freund überreden zu Ihnen zu kommen. Nachdem ersten Gespräch hatten auch Sie Ihn überzeugt. Jetzt ist er wieder ein anderer Mensch, dank Ihnen.


Top, ich bin begeistert von der Arbeit. Dr.Gamze nimmt sich persönlich viel Zeit und geht auf die Bedürfnisse ein.
Super Team- alle sehr freundlich und nett.


I had a hair transplant a few weeks ago with Dr.Gamze and was very satisfied with the advice beforehand and with the treatment.
The information is realistic and you feel very well looked after.


I had a consultation with Dr.Gamze here. He gave me very good and above all very honest advice. I'm really just very grateful to him for showing me the possible options and the expected results


Great, very sensitive and competent doctor, with whom you feel comfortable and well looked after from the first moment!! ❤️ Great feel-good atmosphere in the Royal, also the extremely friendly and helpful team.


He is one of the best doctor I met so far in my life. Professionally, he is really prepared and accurate. He really does his best for his patients, he shows he really care about them. Also my friends had a very good experience with him. I would give 10 stars if I could!


The Staff and Doctor did a wonderful job taking care of me from start to finish.


I am highly satisfied by the quality of care and the attention to my needs during the treatment. The staff is very skilled and Dr. Arman is a great doctor.


Staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the procedure went exactly as discussed. Thank you all for the great job!


Dr.Gamze and staff were extremely friendly and caring during the whole procedure fantastic clinic .Thank you Royal!


I was fully informed on the whole process and what to expect at every step. Dr. Gamze and his team made sure I was at ease during my procedure and checked up on me.


Hair transplants look very good and natural thank you Royal!


Excellent customer service all around. Staff is very friendly and went out of their way to make sure that I feel good .I can't wait for the results🙏🏻


I was very nervous about having the procedure done and Doctor and his team were so kind and extremely professional throughout the process. Thank you for your work and support!


Results are awesome and the whole team is so awesome and easy to work and communicate with. Thank to Dr.Arman for his excellent work!


Staff professional and courteous. Doctor is the best. Thank you all!


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