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Eyebrow Transplant

What is Eyebrow Transplant?

The eyebrow hairs and the hair on the head have a growth phase and a resting phase. In many cases, over plucking of the eyebrows, skin disorders (such as circular hair loss), Permanent Make-Up, chemotherapy, etc. cause deformation or even a loss of eyebrow hair.

Eyebrow Transplant Turkey

Eyebrow hairs that do not grow back can be replaced with transplanted hair. The eyebrow transplant is performed – like hair transplantation – with the transplantation of hair roots taken from the neck area. The fine neck hair is extracted. According to the number of transplanted hair roots, a 1 cm wide and 5-10 cm long horizontal strip is shaved. The hair roots are removed using a micromotor with very fine hollow needles. Since the extraction area of the hair root is minimal, no traces are left behind in this area. We can take from 40-50 to 400-500 grafts and transplant the hair where it is required. The transplant is carried out under a local anesthetic, so the patient feels no pain during and after treatment. During the transplantation, the anatomical structure and the growth direction of the eyebrows must be considered.

Performed by our specialists and an experienced team, our eyebrow transplants lead to natural-looking eyebrows. It takes 4-6 months for the eyebrows to recover and assume their final shape. After two months, the patient may pluck their eyebrows. The first eyebrows that grow after the transplantation grow just like the hair in the donor area because it has the same characteristics. After about one year, the growth stops because the blood circulation of the eyebrow area adapts, and the hair takes on the properties of the eyebrow hair.

Is Eyebrow Transplant Possible For You?

Good Candidates for Eyebrow Transplant

Individuals with thinning eyebrows are considered to be good candidates for an eyebrow transplant procedure in Turkey. Individuals with the following conditions also qualify for eyebrows transplantation:

  • Burns
  • Scars
  • Diseases
  • Congenital inability
  • Self-inflicted (obsessive) plucking
  • Individuals in generally healthy condition
  • Individuals without bleeding or clotting problems

Eyebrow Transplant Procedure

An eyebrow transplant procedure is carried out similarly to hair restoration treatment in Turkey. Restoration of the eyebrow involves the individual placement of single hair in a natural grown pattern. It is a simple, straightforward procedure performed on an outpatient basis and typically takes approximately 3 – 6 hours depending on how many grafts are required.

Eyebrow Planting Procedure

Using local anesthesia, the eyebrow transplant procedure is performed in a hair transplant operation theater. Full anesthesia is not needed. According to the patient’s desire, the doctor designs and shapes the eyebrow, while paying special attention to balance them with other face features.

Using local anesthesia, the hair is extracted from the back of the head and then split into singular hairs using the microscope (keep in mind that a follicle may contain more than 1 hair). Later, these hairs are placed in the prepared eyebrow area one by one in tiny incursion cuts. The trichologist will make the incisions and implantation of the new hair in a way that the direction and spacing looks natural. After transplant, the new hairs will grow in 3-4 months after the procedure. The best results will be visible in 6-8 months.

Why Consider an Eyebrow Transplant in Turkey?

It is true that now Turkey is the best place to do different hair transplants as this country has a lot to offer

Eyebrow transplant is really affordable for people who want to look and feel better, from Europe to the Middle East, from Americas to Asia. Services offered in Turkey are of best quality and at an affordable price. The surgeons are highly experienced  and the prices are relatively cheaper than in other countries, making Turkey the top preferred place.

Of course, in Turkey the number one destination is Istanbul. Not only for its tourist attractions but also to have hair transplants, especially eyebrows. After the transplant and while recovering you can easily visit its many attractions.

So, if you are interested with eyebrow transplant you can contact us any time. Our experienced doctors and expert teams want to help you. We can give the best price of eyebrow transplant in Turkey and best service.

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