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What is Breast Lift in Turkey?

Breasts may lose their form due to weight gain and loss as well as hormonal alterations in pregnancy or aging. As a result, sagging occurs in breasts. Sagging in breasts can be associated with enlargement or reduction of breast tissue or in other words, breast tissue may be normal or above or below normal in a sagged breast.

In mastopexy procedures, the breast that is located in a lower position that it should be lifted and repositioned. Aim of this procedure is to create a normal sized breast at normal position on your chest wall.

Breast Lift in Turkey

How is breast lift (mastopexy) performed?

The sagging breasts and the nipple pointing downward, if any, are lifted up in breast lifting turkey surgery.  If breast tissue of the patient is below normal, an appropriate volume is restored by combining mastopexy with breast prosthesis. In some patients, breasts can be too big and sagging; in such patients, breasts are both lifted and reduced.

What are the breast lift techniques?

The techniques to be used in breast lift procedures may vary depending on the size of breast, volume of breast tissue and level of sagging in breast. Breast lift can be performed by using a lollipop (İ) or J-shaped incision for a normal breast that does not sag excessively.

Breast lift can be performed with a reverse T shaped incision for patients with excessive breast tissue. If the volume of breast tissue is below normal ranges, breast implant surgery should also be performed for the patient along with the breast lift procedure.

The aim is to increase the volume of lifted breast with prosthesis. During breast lift procedure, the nipple and areola are transferred to the ideal locations by preserving the blood supply and sense and breast tissue is reshaped. Excess breast is removed, incisions are repaired and the surgery is terminated.

Incisions of Breast Uplift in Turkey

Boob Uplift In Turkey

Women with saggy breasts have long found the solution in cosmetic surgery, namely with breast uplift. Before making the decision to go for a boob job, there are main questions that one needs to seek answers for: which plastic surgery clinic and plastic surgeon they will choose or how much a breast lift cost in Turkey. For those who cannot afford breast lift surgery in their countries or look for the best cosmetic surgeon; plastic surgery in Turkey is the right answer. Performing thousands of breast uplift surgeries, plastic surgeons in Turkey have extensive knowledge and experience.

Besides, plastic surgery clinics in Turkey have come a long way thanks to its brand-new technologies and high-quality service standards. Another explanation why the nation is an appealing target for breast lift is the prices that it offers. In Turkey it is highly affordable in contrast to those in other European countries.

Breast lift abroad offers high quality service with affordable costs, many women who desire their breasts to look firmer, perkier and more youthful prefer getting their breast lift in Turkey. Breast uplift in Turkey assisted by Royal Hair offers some of the best plastic surgeons in the country, personalized treatment plan, affordable cost and high satisfaction rate with our breast lift surgery, by using the latest technology, top rated facilities and advanced techniques to ensure that you obtain the best possible results. During your consultation with your doctor you can tell him or her the results you’d like to have and what you’re worried about while you are talking about the surgery.

Breast Uplift Results

It is every woman’s dream to have youthful and firm breasts. Those suffering from saggy breasts find boob lift surgery as a method to improve the way their breasts look. As a setback, many women are concerned that the operation leaves visible scars or the breasts will not be symmetrical after the surgery in Turkey. This is why you should be quite careful while choosing a plastic surgery clinic. Thanks to the latest techniques and technologies, plastic surgeons in Turkey make it possible for every woman to achieve pretty natural boob job results.

Every woman can have her dream breast from a boob job in Turkey if you follow the post-operative instructions. The difference is noticeable right after the surgery is finished. But patients will be able to see the final breast uplift results 6 months later. At this time the swelling is completely gone.

The results of breast uplift surgery in Turkey for women:

  • Self-confidence is boosted
  • Firmness of the breasts is regained
  • You feel younger and more attractive
  • You can enjoy a wider range of fashionable clothes (i.e. wear your tops without a bra)

Breast lift rejuvenates your body proportion with a breast profile that looks more youthful. If you maintain your weight and keep a healthy lifestyle you will preserve your new appearance longer.

In case you are interested with the breast lift surgery in Istanbul, Turkey you can contact us anytime and we will give you the best breast lift surgery in Turkey price and best service.

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